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ABOVE Healing Garden, Silkscreen (58 x 75cms) Ed.150
  • LEFT Designer Trees, Silkscreen (76 x 55cms) Ed.100
  • MIDDLE Pink Moda, Silkscreen (76 x 55cms) Ed.100
  • RIGHT Pink Cava Lily, Silkscreen (51 x 51cms) Ed.100
  • LEFT Agave Americana, Silkscreen (61 x 61cms) Ed.100
  • MIDDLE Another Bad Night on Sausage Street, Silkscreen (48 x 61.5cm) Ed.250
  • RIGHT Tall Dutch Tulips, Silkscreen (79 x 92cm) Ed.75
  • LEFT Tulbagia, Silkscreen (79 x 92cm) Ed.75
  • MIDDLE Pink Beach Towel, Silkscreen (50.8 x 50.8cm) Ed.100
  • RIGHT Tree Fern Shadow Ed.75 Silkscreen print 73x73cms
  • LEFT Black Mimosa - Silkscreen print

Bruce McLean

Bruce McLean was born in Glasgow in 1944.  He studied at the Glasgow Art School and later did a postgraduate degree at St. Martins School of Art in London.  He found the attitude there ponderous.  "Twelve adult men with pipes would walk for hours around sculpture and mumble"

In reaction he turned to making sculpture out of rubbish, to performance art and to producing photographic works in which he often posed.  All his work brilliantly sent up the pompousness of the art world and mocked established art forms. 

He was given an exhibition at the Tate Gallery at the age of 27.  From the late 1970s he has made paintings and prints in which humour remains central.

His prolific work includes numerous public and private commissions including a street redevelopment scheme in Glasgow.


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