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ABOVE DB20 Single rim bowl 8h 21w
  • LEFT DB31 Sea Surge Vessel 33h 45w
  • MIDDLE DB19 Double rim bowl 8h 29w
  • RIGHT DB30 Smallest Bell Bowl 10h 16w
  • LEFT DB28 Largest White Bell Bowl 15h 27w
  • MIDDLE DB29 White Bell Bowl 12h 21w
  • RIGHT DB27 Fusion Bowl 13h 30w
  • LEFT DB33 Sea Maiden Vessel 43h 26w
  • MIDDLE DB32 Sea Surge Vessel 33h 49w
  • RIGHT DB26 Fusion Bowl 11h 27w - SOLD
  • LEFT DB22 Cylinder Turquoise Blank band
  • MIDDLE DB21 Cylinder Turquoise 25h 10w
  • RIGHT DB24 Small Cylinder 11h 7w
  • LEFT DB23 Cylinder White 17h 11w
  • MIDDLE DB25 Smallest Cylinder 10h 6w
  • RIGHT DB34 Maiden Smaller Vessel 36h 20w
  • LEFT DB35 Maiden Vessel Turquoise inside 32h 18w
  • MIDDLE DB36 Wave Series Open Bowl 10h 30w
  • RIGHT DB37 Wave Series Open Bowl 11h 28w
  • LEFT DB38 Wave Series Storm Bird 11h 30w

Deirdre Burnett

Deirdre Burnett studied sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art, and then took a BA in three dimensional design with ceramics main and silversmithing subsidiary at Camberwell School of Art. On leaving in 1967, she set up a workshop in Dulwich. At first, for financial reasons, the output was mainly tableware. The individual work developed and gradually took over.

She makes individual vessel forms in oxidised stoneware and porcelain. It is mostly wheel thrown, turned and altered, although larger floor standing pieces are handbulit.

Volcanic, reactive or colour qualities of the glaze come from oxides or materials in the body not applied to the surface.

She is on The Crafts Council selected index and a Fellow of The Craft Potters Association

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