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ABOVE DG01 An Arch of Fire Burned on the Rim of the Horizon 34 x 38cms
  • LEFT DG02 Now there was only the Liquid Shadow of the Cloud 34.5 x 40cms
  • MIDDLE DG03 The Afternoon Sun Warmed the Fields 44.5 x 38cms
  • RIGHT DG04 The Sun Bared its Face & Looked Over the Waves 38 x 43.5cms
  • LEFT DG05 The Coast Lay Empty Under the Moon 41.5 x 35cms
  • MIDDLE DG06 The Mist is on the Marshes 37.5 x 45cms
  • RIGHT DG07 Up Spurted Stones and Shingles 35 x 41.5cms

Diana Green

Diana’s paintings are layered, detailed and delicate. Figures are abstracted from their context, forming a narrative that isn’t fully stated. She is interested in a process of layering that searches for meaning, where the painting reveals itself. The meaning is suggested. Fragments of a narrative share space on a canvas and imply their own connections.

Diana uses her intuition and plays with thoughtfulness to question her work. She grabs lessons from Zurburan, El Greco, Teipolo, Ensor and is influenced by art from China, Japan & India. Manipulating her own technique with the formal language of painting, she feels like a trapeze artist balancing between the abstract and the figurative, until she believes in what she sees and until everything arrives in its proper place.

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