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ABOVE GR125 Modern Living 3 (acrylic, charcoal and pencil on board) 51x 61cms
  • LEFT Leap 2 Acrylic painted relief construction 20 x 30cms - SOLD
  • MIDDLE City Living 2 Acrylic and charcoal on board 30 x 41cms - SOLD
  • RIGHT Winter Table 1 Acrylic and charcoal on board 30 x 41cms SOLD
  • LEFT Winter Table 3 Acrylic and charcoal on board 51 x 61cms SOLD
  • MIDDLE Morning Still Life 1 Acrylic and charcoal on board 51 x 61cms - SOLD
  • RIGHT GR118 Musical Still Life (acrylic & charcoal on board) 30x41cms
  • LEFT GR122 Each Day (acrylic & charcoal on board) 34.5x 44.5cms
  • MIDDLE GR124 Black Hills (acrylic & charcoal on board) 51x61cms
  • RIGHT GR121 Empty in the Shade (acrylic & charcoal on board) 41x30cms
  • LEFT GR123 The Ideal Home 1 (acrylic & painted relief construction) 46x 65cms
  • MIDDLE GR126 The Modern Home 3 (acrylic & painted relief construction) 51x 61cms
  • RIGHT GR116 Three Plain Jugs (acrylic & charcoal on canvas) 30x41cms
  • LEFT GR120 Yellow Harbour (acrylic & charcoal on board) 30x41cms
  • MIDDLE GR115 Scully's Jug (acrylic & charcoal on board) 30x41cms
  • RIGHT GR114 Late Afternoon (acrylic & charcoal on board) 24.5x 34.5cms
  • LEFT GR117 All Rise (acrylic & charcoal on board) 30x 41cms
  • MIDDLE GR119 Objects on a Table (acrylic & charcoal on board) 30x 41cms
  • RIGHT Modern Domestic 7 (acrylic & painted relief construction) 26x90cms SOLD

Geoffrey Robinson

25 years ago the paintings of Geoffrey Robinson emerged as fifties-influenced abstracts; inspired by British painters like Alan Davie, William Scott and Victor Pasmore. His love for the work of Ben Nicholson and Mondrian then leads him through a period where he produces many quite constructivist abstract relief paintings in parallel with his other  work. By the year 2000 he discovers the colour and imagination of Mary Fedden and combines abstract relief construction with a naive still-life style of painting for a while. After that time the work becomes totally dedicated to the painted still lifes, except for his very recent return to the abstract reliefs as well as slightly more gestural abstract work.

Along the way he was selected as an ‘invited artist’ at the prestigious Discerning Eye annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, and in 2004 ITV broadcast a documentary about him and his work  – ‘Geoffrey Robinson in The Frame’. Author, art historian and artist Peter Davies said of him:“A Robinson is quite clearly and recognisably a Robinson, and for those still not familiar with his work, his uncanny and almost idiosyncratic mix of styles – and within it multifarious still life objects – will assuredly make its mark.”

Cadogan Contemporary Art, London
Thompson’s Gallery, London 
Mullan Gallery, Belfast, 
Lena Boyle Fine Art, London
Jenna Burlingham Fine Art, Hampshire
Gallery De Novo, New Zealand
The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire
Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge
Hampshire County Council, touring exhibition
Wren Gallery, Oxfordshire 
Grapevine Gallery, Norwich 
The Study Gallery, Dorset 
Bettles Gallery, Hampshire

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