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ABOVE Abend Sonne 33x36cms
  • LEFT Abend Sonne oil on board 20x25cms
  • MIDDLE Days on Sylt oil on board 12x18cms
  • RIGHT Summer Delight oil on board 20x25cms
  • LEFT Bonfire oil on board 12x18cms
  • MIDDLE Fishing for a Dream oil onboard 13x18cms
  • RIGHT Happy Memories Attached oil on canvas 100x120cms
  • LEFT September at Haytor oil on board 12x18cms
  • MIDDLE Stormy Sea oil on board 12x18cms
  • RIGHT I Kiss etching ed.150 75x74cms (framed)
  • LEFT Cadence etching ed.150 73x72cms (framed)
  • MIDDLE Peartree Cove etching ed.150 83x95cms (framed)

Heidi Konig

Heidi Konig was born in Germany, and came to Britain in 1989 to pursue a career in art. After graduating with first class honours in Fine Art Printmaking from Brighton University, she then completed a post-graduate Diploma in Fine Art Printmaking in 1996 at the Slade.

Since then Heidi Konig has worked as a full time printmaker and painter. She has won numerous awards for her outstanding etchings, monotypes and oils, which are sought by collectors the world over.  Influenced by her travels, she says: "In my work I do not want to create a pictorial view of where I have been, but a sensual view of what I experienced there. The artist's ability is to see what others do not, to achieve harmony, sensuality and beauty from nature's raw elements, and to offer a new way of seeing."


As a child Heidi was introduced to printing through her grandfather, she was fascinated with the various printing techniques and all the different tools that he used. Today, Heidi works on her prints in a very spontaneous way, using the etching plate as a drawing board. It is manipulated by adding to the surface, using materials such as carborundum. She will then hand colour every print with many of the key details being added after they have been through the press.

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