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ABOVE Relics of Summer 72x53cms pastel
  • LEFT One Tree & Indigo
  • MIDDLE Summer Blue 33x34 pastel
  • RIGHT End of Summer 35x38cm pastel
  • LEFT Lost Words 29x19cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Old Field Tracks 48x50cm pastel - SOLD
  • RIGHT Prayer Flags 32x22cm pastel
  • LEFT No Trespass 23x16cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Dark Rainbow 46x24cm pastel
  • RIGHT Orange Flag 39x37cm pastel
  • LEFT Fallen Flag 46x34cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Escape 19x22cm pastel
  • RIGHT Spring Winds 38x28cm pastel
  • LEFT Summer Heat 69x48cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Homeland 27x33cm pastel
  • RIGHT Remembered Day 39x36cm pastel
  • LEFT Ancient Walls 71x53cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Prayer Flags II 28x20cm pastel
  • RIGHT Spring Field 38x32cm pastel
  • LEFT Westerley Storm 43x36cm pastel
  • MIDDLE A Place of Safety 49 x 21cm pastel
  • RIGHT Deep Pool 31x23cm pastel
  • LEFT Remembered Tree 29 x 19cm pastel
  • MIDDLE Submerged 20x28cm pastel
  • RIGHT Pagan Stones 29x20cm pastel
  • LEFT Dividing the Land 29x19cm pastel

Jane Gibbs

For three years, Jane Gibbs studied drawing in the studio of an eminent professional artist and went on to study painting and printmaking at Leamington Art College. At the end of this period she trained under the abstract landscape painter, Richard Kidd. She is a member of the Association of Midland Artists.

Jane Gibbs’ paintings consist of planes of colour counter balanced by energetic brush marks, a visual exploration of the landscape she finds herself in; Africa, Corsica, England and, more recently, Ireland. Her feeling for the land and palette of observed colours combine to create images and sensations of abstracted landscapes. You feel as well as see the place.

The characteristics of a place; its innate design and balance plus an emotional and thoughtful response to what is seen, determine her work. Jane’s paintings have a depth. Emotional energy can partially produce a painting; the challenge is to technically control that energy without losing emotional excitement. Jane’s drawing ability and her understanding of colour provide that technical control. Sarah Stoten,

Selected Exhibitions:
The Banbury Museum – Annual open Exhibition 2009
The Mill, Banbury (Solo) 2008
Pastel Society, Mall Gallery, London 2006,2007,2008
Ashcroft Modern Art, Cirencester 2005, 2006
Royal Academy Summer Show, London 2004, 2005
Selected for Discerning Eye Exhibition 2004
Chipping Norton Theatre Gallery (2 person show) 1997
The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire (Solo) 1998-2010
TheWalker Gallery, Harrogate 1998, 1999
Merriscourt Gallery, Gloucester. 1998, 1999, 2000
The Herbert Gallery, Coventry 1998

Awards The North Oxfordshire Open Art Exhibition – Banbury Museum
Private Collections include The Duke of Devonshire

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