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ABOVE Spring rain clematis impression winged bottle 28 x 18 cm
  • LEFT Blue rain spatter carved stitch bottle 22 x 21 cm
  • MIDDLE Downpour combed bottle 17 x 13 cm
  • RIGHT Carved stitches on pearly chun bottle 22 x 22 cm
  • LEFT Snowfall impressed bottle 15 x 12 cm
  • MIDDLE Spring rain scored bowl 11 x 27 cm
  • RIGHT Downpour impressed crosses with loops bottle 16 x 13 cm
  • LEFT Spring rain bottle 19 x 13 cm
  • MIDDLE Spring rain impressed bottle 31 x 22 cm
  • RIGHT Summer rain expectant bottle 17 x 14 cm
  • LEFT Summer rain scored bottle 17 x 13 cm
  • MIDDLE Pearly rain clematis impressed bottle 16 x 11 cm
  • RIGHT Snowfall scored bottle 16 x 14 cm.
  • LEFT Downpour impressed clematis bottle 16 x 13 cm

Jane Wheeler

Current Work
For me, the vessel, a space-containing hollow form, offers the richest language for working in clay. Its conceptual simplicity allows readings which allude to our most distant cultural pasts, and to the state of being human. Its limitations are those for which the potter’s tools and equipment are designed; it is a familiar scenario within which to work. Thus it becomes necessary to make working and the work uncomfortable in some way, to push the boundaries in order to attempt discovery of new or hidden qualities of this profoundly significant, yet ordinary object.

Technical Information
Stoneware clay bodies with added coarse grog and sand, slab built, gas kiln. Cone 9 and 10 reduction glaze firings. Glazes all matt to really dry matt, some shino.

Career Background
Born Norfolk 1950

Further Education:
Dip Ad ceramics Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1969-72
MFA Newcastle Polytechnic 1989-91
Earned living by designing high end handknits from 1972 onwards
Returned to ceramics 2003

Exhibitions: Painting
1993 Finalist Arthur Andersen Art Award, London
1993 EAST international open, Norwich
1993 Open Door, London
1993 Northern Seen, Sunderland
1996 On the Corner, Sunderland

One Person:
1995 Middlesborough Art Gallery
1996 Hartlepool Art Gallery
1996 Wall drawing installation for A. A. H. conference at University of Northumbria
1996 Visual Arts UK, Newcastle upon Tyne
1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford

Exhibitions: Ceramic
Bircham Gallery, Holt, Norfolk, March 2007
Tokyo, Le Bain, 2007
Paris, media Arts gallery, June 2007
Bath, Beaux Arts, January 2008
March 2009 Lund Gallery, Yorkshire, Feast Installation
July 2009 Salthouse Church, Norfolk Salt of the Earth group exhibition
August 2009 Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, Ambrosia group exhibition
September 2009 Beaux Arts, Bath
October 2009, Bircham Gallery, Holt


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