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ABOVE Ceramic pot with red interior - SOLD
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  • MIDDLE White with black circles and gold interior LS2
  • RIGHT Black & White with orange interior LS5
  • LEFT Black & White with red interior LS3
  • MIDDLE White jug with black lines LS14
  • RIGHT White with black lined pattern and orange interior LS6
  • LEFT White with black pattern and orange interior LS8

Lara Scobie

“From the moment a fresh bag of clay is opened my imagination is triggered by the sensory pleasure of its smooth texture and the anticipatory thrill of potential. Working with clay is as exciting and terrifying as a roller coaster ride, presenting as many challenges as rewards. To understand this soft malleable material — really just a lump of wet earth — takes time, but with considered handling and measured judgement it can be manipulated into dynamic and expressive form.  This transformation goes through many stages as the clay is first shaped, then hardened and dried, before being finally and inexorably altered by the alchemy of firing to a new ceramic form — hard, durable and permanent.

It is these contrasts that inspire me, and are where I look for the balance which is at the heart of what I do. Each element of balance is a new discovery, found somewhere between knowing how far the material can be pushed and when to let the material's own dogged nature dictate the final journey. Technical expertise and experience are always challenged by each different set of influences, from pragmatic considerations to artistic instinct, and it is this space between that I am most interested in; it is where technique, material and creative insight meet. 

The theme of balance is a constant, significantly underlining my current work in which ideas of dynamic interplay between form and surface develop. By integrating drawing, surface mark making and volume I play with the balance of space and pattern alongside hue and texture on both the decorated and void surface areas. For me it is the balance between composition and form, absence and presence, which offers some of the most exciting opportunities for expressing my creative voice.

The invitation to exhibit at the British Ceramic Biennial 2013 was the perfect opportunity to take my ideas further and push the work into new territories. The significance of being selected gave me a new-found confidence that proved a catalyst for new ideas to flourish and a chance to step off the production circuit.  Whilst the cycle of making and selling has been important in terms of establishing a new audience, the work has remained domestic in scale. Developing new ideas for the Biennial has given me the chance to scale-up my work and embrace the many new challenges that change brings. With this new work I will continue using with ideas of balance but expand them, contrasting a controlled, highly skilled construction technique with the spontaneity and immediacy of creative flow, capturing and celebrating the moment of touch and making with the human hand.”

1989-90 Edinburgh College of Art

Post Graduate Diploma

1987-89 Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts

Foundation and BA Honours Degree


1994-present    Lecturer, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee




Paisley Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

Triennale de Porcelaine, Nyon, Switzerland

The Shipley Museum & Art Gallery, Gateshead

Wellcome Buidling, University of Dundee

McManus Galleries, Dundee

The Beaches Museum, Kansas State University

Museum, Kansa US



2014                       Inches Carr Trust, Craft Bursary 

2011                       Mino International Ceramic Competition, Japan. Received 

                               Honourable Mention.

2009                       Ceramic Review Award, Ceramics Open, RSBA, Birmingham

2007                       Creative Development Award - Scottish Arts Council

1995                       Scottish Arts Council Individual - Development Award

1994                       Cardiff Design Show - Makers Choice Award

1992                       Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award - Premier Winner



 'A Cabinet of Curiosities' Jagged Art, London

Ceramic Art London, London

American Craft Council Show, Baltimore,, U.S.A. Supported by Craft Scotland

The L.A Art Show. U.S.A Represented by Tansey Contemporary, Santa Fe

Autumn Exhibition The Stour Gallery

Gallery Nine, Bath

Gallery Altena, Holland

The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh Solo Exhibition

Ceramic Art London. The Royal College

Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh

Mino International Ceramics Competition, Japan

Gallery Bevere, Worcester

The Hay Festival, Herefordshire

‘Grafika’, RBSA Gallery, Birmingham

Ceramic Art London, Royal College of Art, London

Contemporary Ceramics, London

Gallery SCA, Mixed Exhibition, Shropshire

Visual Artist Scotland, Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries

Scottish Homes and Interiors, Craft Scotland

Open Ceramics Competition, RBSA Birmingham

Earth and Fire, Rufford

Society Scottish Artists, Vision Building, Dundee

Visual Arts Scotland. The City Art Centre, Edinburgh

Regatta Fine Art, Holt, Norfolk

Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

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