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Libby January

Music is the inspiration of this new work.  Libby has become a composer and musician.  Tracing paper is her instrument and she is engaging you as the audience.  Exploring the transparancy and translucency of the paper gives the viewer access to the element of time and timing in the compositional process.  Traces of it's origin from the scrappy drafts and early notations pulse up to and away from the surface and continue to inform and shape the movement and development of the work.  Her response to rhythm and harmony, cacophony and quiet, colour and tone translate in to the visual experience that you are offered.   Enjoy the concert!

Libby January works with a wide range of subjects; landscapes, still life, flowers, fish, semi and completely abstract patterns all interest her.
Whatever the subject, she tries to create relationships between the elements of the painting: the shapes, colours, lines, textures etc. Within each picture there is an ongoing process; of  stillness and noise, discord and harmony, none of which is fully resolved, allowing a “dynamic, emotional dance” to develop between the viewer and the picture.

She was born in Cambridge, England and initially trained and worked as an infant/junior teacher.  About 20 years ago she made a major change of direction; she returned to college in order to develop her lifelong interest in art. Over 4 years she attended two courses and subsequently gained diplomas in Fine Art and Printmaking.

After leaving college, Libby began to experiment with different media. Since then she has successfully taken part in a number of exhibition events and competitions, both regionally and nationally. About 15 years ago, she had a significant break-through when one of her large pastel abstracts was chosen to hang in the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy in London.

Diploma of Education 1966, Diploma in Fine Art 1992, Diploma in Print Making 1994

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