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ABOVE RRK05 Birch, Wall, Bracken - (charcoal and pastel on paper ) 65x53cms framed SOLD
  • LEFT RRK19 Terra Cotta (soft pastel on paper) 25x25cms
  • MIDDLE RRK08 Birch, Wall, Yellow (pastel on paper) 64x50cms framed SOLD
  • RIGHT RRK04 Washed out Treeline (pastel on board) 50x40cms framed SOLD
  • LEFT RRK09 Wall Study I (watercolour on gesso) 61x61cms framed
  • MIDDLE RRK01 Dyke Study, Ardnamurchan (watercolour on gesso) SOLD
  • RIGHT The Way Over (varnished watercolour on gesso) 44x56cms unframed
  • LEFT RRK13 Sun Stripe (pastel on paper) 86x60cms
  • MIDDLE RRK02 Cumbrian Road (pastel on paper) SOLD
  • RIGHT RRK17 Hazel Forest (pastel on paper) 27x34cms unframed
  • LEFT RRK14 Harbour (oil on paper) 30x52cms unframed
  • MIDDLE RRK12 Glencoe (pastel on wood) 40x48cms framed SOLD
  • RIGHT Birch, wall, bracken II - charcoal and soft pastel on paper - Oct 2017
  • LEFT Green wall & bracken, soft pastel on paper, Aug 2017
  • MIDDLE Treeline, wall, dry bracken, soft pastel on paper, Aug 2017
  • RIGHT Soft treeline, soft pastel on paper, Aug 2017

Rachael Kidd

My Art is observation of a shifting boundary:

What we believe in landscape to be truly 'wild' - a wind blasted coast; a moorland fell - often these are written over by Man's hand in many ways. The weathering elements undo what Man proposes; the boundaries we set up submit to nature’s will. And in turn, the dry-stone wall or ancient furrows shape and arrange nature’s advance.

It is in these lawless margins that arise, I believe, unexpected beauties, in colour, texture, and form. Such liminal places, where countless exchanges between nature and humanity unfold, are those that I attempt to honestly record in my art. When out and about with my sketchbook and back in the studio I articulate what I have seen with my pastels and paints, delighting in the way in which the materials rebuild and translate whatever it was that originally caught my eye. Rachael Kidd




Rachael Kidd is a British artist, originally from Warwickshire who now lives on the west coast of Scotland on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.

In 2013 she graduated from Newcastle University where she studied Fine Art for four years.  

During her time in Newcastle she worked as an apprentice to Master Printer, Lee Turner, at Hole Editions (Specialist in Stone Lithography) Here she worked closely with artists such as Turner Prize winner George Shaw, as well a producing a series of her own works

After graduating she held a studio space at 'The Newbridge Project' in the centre of the city. 

Rachael also practices as a freelance sign-writer and graphic designer.


E X H I B I T I O N S :

The Stour Gallery . Warwickshire UK . "Early Summer Exhibition" . 27th May - 15th June 2017

Contemporary Art Society | North . "Art in the Home" . 2nd-3rd Aug 2014

Xero, Kline & Coma . London UK . "Re-Wilding" . 10th–27th Jan 2014

Meeting in Zdovnov . Zdovnov CZ . "Vstíc Divoin" (Towards Wildness) . 17th-24th Aug 2013

Embassy Tea Gallery . London UK . "Degree Show" . 26th-29th June 2013

Newcastle University . Newcastle UK . "Degree Show" . 31st May - 14th June 2013

Hold Tight . Newcastle UK . "A Fraction of the Whole" . 21st-27th March 2013

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