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ABOVE RK21 Trees Near Croggan I (mixed media on paper) 670x800mm
  • LEFT RK23 Trees - Loch Spelve (mixed media on paper) 680x800mm
  • MIDDLE RK22 Trees Near Croggan II (mixed media on paper) 680x800mm
  • RIGHT RK24 A View Through the Trees (mixed media on paper) 670x800mm
  • LEFT RK31 The Caravan Garden (mixed media on paper) 580x820mm
  • MIDDLE RK30 Island Garden (mixed media on paper) 580x690mm
  • RIGHT RK29 Pines - Isle of Mull (mixed media on paper) 680x680mm
  • LEFT RK28 Tree and Bracken - Mull (mixed media on paper) 700x690mm
  • MIDDLE RK27 Stream - Isle of Arran (mixed media on paper) 530x710mm
  • RIGHT RK26 View of the Loch - Mull (mixed media on paper) 750x750mm
  • LEFT RK25 Loch Uisg Through Trees (mixed media on paper) 730x730mm

Richard Kidd

Richard Kidd was a Newcastle based artist. Born and brought up in the region, he won a Rome scholarship immediately following his graduation from Newcastle University.

After spending time in Italy he returned to the UK, this time to London, where he exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery, and was taken up by the Rowan Gallery and was represented by it for many years until its closure..

He received a Harkness Fellowship and worked in New York and California for several years.

On his return to the UK in 1987 he set up a studio in Warwickshire, where he started a family and remained until 2001 when he returned to his roots in the North East. Here he lived and worked until his untimely death in 2008.

"My paintings are about remote, mountainous landscapes because that's where I feel most at home.I make them in ways which push my control of materials to the limit; this feels like 'being there'.

Georges Braque once said, 'Making a painting is like taking a journey'. This seems to me to be a fitting comparison. Sometimes you know where you're going. The route is planned. Other times you get lost, perhaps deliberately,and end up somewhaere totally unexpected. Both approaches are equally valid. The one quality common to both, which I feel distinguishes the successful painting from the failure, is a 'sense of place'."

Public collections include:

Arts Council of England, North East

British Council

Belfast Museum

Central Square, Newcastle

Clare College, Cambridge

Coopers Lybrand, London

Directors' Institute, London

Glasgow University

Law Courts, Birmingham

Leicester Education Authority

MOMA Rio de Janeiro

MOMA San Francisco

MOMA Zurich

Northumbria University

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney Australia

Warwick University


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