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ABOVE RB14 4"diam. RB15 5.5" diam. Sycamore bowls (wine coloured)
  • LEFT RB006 Coloured syamore bowl (black with silver inlay) 9" diam.
  • MIDDLE RB12 Coloured sycamore bowl (aubergine) 6" diam.
  • RIGHT RB08 14cm diam. RB016 14cm diam. RB017 14cm diam. Sycamore bowls inlaid with silver



Roger Bennett’s bowls and vessels are wonderfully distinctive; unexpectedly light, delicately coloured, sparkling with points of silver and gold. He generally chooses the paleness of sycamore, a perfect canvas for colouring with water-based woodstains.

He inlays with silver or gold, painstakingly inserting sterling silver or 18 carat gold wire into hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of individually drilled holes. The patterns created range from “controlled random” concentrations to flowing, spiralling lines.

The signature shape is like an inverted cone, with the rim flowing out gracefully from a narrow base. Some of his more recent bowls are of a more traditional concave shape that fits snugly in the hand. These are filled with dots of silver, which glow and fascinate like constellations of stars in a night sky. The pieces are finished with Danish oil, which builds up a lustrous, protective sheen.


Graduate of Trinity College, Dublin (English & French) Roger began woodturning in 1992, after working for several years as a secondary school teacher.

In 1994-95, he was a participant on the Crafts Council of Ireland’s Craft & Design business Development Course in Kilkenny.


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