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ABOVE Large square form

Sam Hall

The scale of Sam's work is impressive and requires technical expertise that he has honed over the last fifteen years of working in ceramics. Trained at Harrogate College of Art and earning a BA Hons in Ceramics from Loughborough College of Art, Sam Hall has shown throughout the UK since the mid 1990s.

Each piece that Sam embarks on starts as a simple thrown cylinder of stoneware clay. It is then cut and altered to produce a flat sided oval form. The blank expanse of these become the basis for a series of layered "slip" washes and a minimal use of glaze/oxides that transform the surface of each piece into a work of art.

Over the years he has developed a distinct vocabulary of mark making on his pots, from which he is constantly culling and continues to craft. Organic "grids" that cordon off the surface in to several sections often provide an opportunity to employ multiple techniques on a single piece. Some of the most recurring of the "hallmarks" include; dripping slip, gouges and grooves inscribed in the clay and a crackled effect that highlights the textural concerns in his approach. The colours in Sam's work are decidedly natural and muted aside from the occasional small red slash, or gold enamel embellishment. The second lines, random marks and predominantly sombre palette help to "create a tension where drawing and form cohabit together".

Exhibitions 2006
Lemon Street Gallery, Cornwall
Ceramic Art 2006, London
Gallery The Yard, Netherlands
Frank Steyaert Gallery, Belgium
The Stour Gallery, Warwickshire

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