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ABOVE Sun Stripe (pastel on paper) 86x60cms
  • LEFT Harbour (oil on paper) 30x52cms unframed
  • MIDDLE Birch, wall, bracken II - charcoal and soft pastel on paper - Oct 2017
  • RIGHT Treeline, wall, dry bracken, soft pastel on paper, Aug 2017
  • LEFT Soft treeline, soft pastel on paper, Aug 2017
  • MIDDLE Three in their Place (soft pastel on paper) 910x660mm
  • RIGHT On Larkstoke Hill (soft pastel on paper) 520x600mm
  • LEFT Study of Trees at Mansell Farm (biro and acrylic on paper) 380x560mm
  • MIDDLE Harvest Stubble(soft pastel on paper) 390x390mm
  • RIGHT Shadows on Haystack (soft pastel on paper) 400x500mm
  • LEFT Ardnamurchan Trees - oil on canvas - 130x180mm
  • MIDDLE Road to Quinton (biro and mixed media on paper) 260x370mm
  • RIGHT Down the Bottom of the Garden, charcoal on paper, 580x410mm
  • LEFT Three Trees (soft pastel on paper) 380x380mm

Rachael Kidd

My Art is an observation of shifting boundaries:

What we believe in landscape to be truly 'wild' - a wind-blasted coast; a moorland fell - is often subtly written over by the human hand with ancient dry-stone walls, treelines and furrows. They shape and arrange nature’s relentless advance, and in turn, the weathering elements undo what Man proposes.

It is in these lawless margins that I believe extraordinary beauty in colour, texture, and form can arise. In my work I attempt to record these liminal places where countless exchanges between nature and humanity unfold, where the boundaries we set up submit to nature’s will.

When out and about with my sketchbook or back in the studio I try to articulate what I have seen and felt in the landscape. I love the way in which the pastels and paint rebuild and translate whatever it was that originally caught my eye. Rachael Kidd 2018




1991 - Born in Warwickshire.

2009-13 - Studied Fine Art at Newcastle University (BA Honours Degree).

2010-14 - Worked as an apprentice to Master Printer, Lee Turner, at Hole Editions (Specialist in Stone Lithography).

2013 - Artist Residency at Meeting in Zdonov in the Czech Republic.

2013 - A member of a creative initiative called ‘The Wild Project’ 

2013-14 - Held a studio space at 'The Newbridge Project' in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

2014-17 - Lived and worked on the west coast of Scotland on the Ardnamuchan peninsula.

She is currently holding a studio in Warwickshire and exhibiting locally as well as training to stonee carve on the island of Portland.


G R O U P    E X H I B I T I O N S :


The Stour Gallery . Warwickshire UK . "Tree" .  2018

The Mall Galleries . London UK . "The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition" . 2018

The Stour Gallery . Warwickshire UK . "Winter Exhibition" . 2018

The Stour Gallery . Warwickshire UK . "High Summer Exhibition" . 2017

The Stour Gallery . Warwickshire UK . "Early Summer Exhibition" . 2017

Contemporary Art Society | North . York UK . "Art in the Home" . 2014

Vane . Newcastle UK . "Eulogy" . 2014

Xero, Kline & Coma . London UK . "Re-Wilding" . 2014

Meeting in Zdovnov . Zdonov CZ . "Vstíc Divoin" (Towards Wildness) . 2013

Embassy Tea Gallery . London UK . "Degree Show" . 2013

Newcastle University . Newcastle UK . "Degree Show" . 2013

Hold Tight . Newcastle UK . "A Fraction of the Whole" . 2013


P R I Z E S :


'Pastel Society Young Artist Award' (2018)

'Newcastle University Fine Art Bartlett Award' (2013)



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